IMG_0744Yanira is the youngest member of Kaliente Dance Fitness and has been with the company since the beginning of 2013. She loves dance fitness and enjoys the satisfaction of knowing she gives her students a great workout.
Yanira was born 20 years ago in Fairfax, Virginia and never left. Although she was born in Fairfax, her upbringing was greatly influenced by her family and their  Peruvian culture.Family gatherings and parties were always filled with music and dancing. She grew up dancing merengue, bachata, salsa, and many other Hispanic dances.She started as a sub then moved on to teaching her own class shortly after and has been doing so for approximately a year. She has been taking dance fitness classes since 2009 and loves it. Her inspiration came from watching fellow instructor and Kaliente Dance Fitness Co-founder, Carmen Patton, get up on stage and energize the students while at the same time having fun.
Yanira was born with the natural ability to watch and learn steps from different dance styles very quickly. She has a great attitude and welcomes everyone to her class. She takes the time to break the steps before a routine to make sure her students understand it. With a big smile she encourages and motivates them to keep going.
Yanira, is certified nationally in dance fitness, and will give you a fun, energy filled, and
easy workout, that will leave you smiling.
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