Mahnaz Ahrary

     Toward the end of 2011, my restricted lifestyle due to two consecutive pregnancies, only ten months apart, took its toll on my health. Even though I started gaining weight prior to the pregnancies, it reached its highest peak during my second pregnancy at 233 lbs. Though I lost some of the baby and water weight, I remained stagnant at 207 lbs. I had consistent back problems which no amount of physical therapy or activity could alleviate. I had trouble breathing at night and even turning in my sleep. The most painful part was the psychological deterioration caused by not being able to find clothes that fit. I knew the battle I needed to fight was certain but I did not know how or when to begin. I had times in my past where I was really good about fitting my workout into my daily routine, but that seemed like ancient history. I tried different ways to motivate myself at the gym, hiring a trainer, swimming, and running, but it was never consistent because I always felt helplessly limited by the children’s’ schedule. One day, I went to a wellness center and sought help with my diet by participating in weekly monitoring of my weight and a low carb diet plan. As I shed a few lbs. the first month, I began to feel truly motivated and returned to the gym to discover the Kaliente Dance Fitness classes. I kept going to more classes and tried all the different instructors. Each one of them had their own style and way of motivating you. As I shed more pounds over the course of 8 months, I went to more and more classes. The music, choreography and energy level has not only helped me lose 72 lbs., but it has made me realize my love for dancing or just simply moving to music. It has served as therapeutic, and has aided me tremendously in weight loss and most importantly maintenance. As I lost weight I also noticed it was easier to move. I am known amongst my family members as the energizer bunny when it comes to dancing. So thank you to for providing me with a place to be ME! And thank you to the Kaliente ladies for being a part of not only my weight loss journey, but also my journey of self-discovery!