Carmen is a dance fitness instructor and one of the co-founders of Kaliente Dance Fitness LLC. She is also one of the main choreographers at Kaliente Dance Fitness. She currently teaches in the Northern VA area at the Kaliente Fitness Studio and at Lifetime Athletic. She’s been a dance fitness instructor since 2009. She’s always been a dancer at heart and with her Latin heritage, found Kaliente Dance Fitness to be a perfect fit for her. 
Carmen takes her passion for dance, her ability to connect with the public and her insane ability to dance and cue to create an atmosphere that has the class laughing and dancing in minutes!  She lights up the stage the minute she puts on the music and starts to teach! 
One of her other passions is mentoring and motivating people to be the best that they can be.  She will always take time out to speak to students old and new, whether it be about dance fitness or something else.  She is always there to listen, learn, understand and motivate her students.
“That feeling you get when you’ve taken someone’s ‘bad day’ and made them smile and happy that they came to your class? ….. There’s no other feeling like it….. I love my students!”
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