When the founders decided to open back in the summer of 2012, they wanted to portray a sizzling and spicy style of dance fitness. The company understood that in order to incorporate this into a dance fitness class, the most important elements included instructors that the students could relate to, and an image that students could identify with. Based on the co-founders years of training and experience, a Kaliente instructor needed to be skillful, energetic, caring, compassionate and motivating. Therefore, the company embarked on a mission to mentor their instructors, and design a great image to create the ultimate dance fitness experience.


The Name:
In Spanish the word Caliente means hot spelled with the letter “C”. In search of the company’s identity, the founder and Co-founders realized that the word “Caliente” was a perfect fit to describe the passion and intensity the company wanted to portray in the choreographies, and the unique fitness style. Spelling Caliente with the letter “K” added to the unique image.


The Logo:
After finding the name, a fiery logo was needed to match. The beautiful phoenix was chosen because of its mythical story. The phoenix is a fire bird, that lives for thousands of years and at the end of it’s life cycle, it consumes itself in it’s own flames, and from the ashes rises a younger, stronger more powerful phoenix.  The idea behind the logo is to inspire students to ignite their inner fire…. Their inner phoenix.