I owe a lot to the ladies of Kaliente Dance Fitness (aka Latin Fusion) and figured it was time I thanked them in a blog post.

Let’s be honest. I really hate “traditional” work-outs. Running and using the elliptical is just so BORING. When I do either, I’m counting down the minutes, staring at the clock, praying it will be over. And lifting weights? Repetitive and Monotonous. Don’t even get me started on workout videos.

But Kaliente isn’t a workout. It’s fun. Basically, I get to go dancing for an hour (or two on Tuesdays), and enjoy every hard, sweaty minute of it. The instructors are amazing dancers, and so energetic that I arrive and leave with a smile.

And the music is awesome! I might as well be in a club. I won’t lie – I play Latin Fusion in my car to pump myself up before a workout, and afterwards to keep up the workout-high. I even listen to it on the way to work at 6am to wake myself up.
There might be some car dancing involved. Maybe.

Most importantly, I couldn’t keep the weight off without them. They made me love going to the gym, something I never thought I would do, and I owe them for helping my mental AND physical health. There are times I don’t think I could ever leave Centreville just because I couldn’t handle life without Kaliente.