To Kaliente,

Two years ago I wrote a testimonial for my 56th birthday (see below) about my limited experience with Kaliente At that time, I didn’t feel as though I was really living. Outside from the children’s lives I felt that I did not have a life. Well, here it is two years later, and I am here to tell you that life can begin in your fifties!!!

I am sometimes speechless when I try to describe the feeling I get when that music begins and we start to dance and laugh and sweat! I feel truly alive when I am dancing with this group of women and men and these instructors, and, oh yeah, that cute guy behind the desk!!!.

You guys are truly amazing!

This year again, I want to give You a birthday present for my birthday: The Gift of Thanks.

Now, two years ago when I gave a testimonial, I asked it to remain anonymous. Not this time! I want everyone to know what a good thing I have!

Thank You Kaliente for Doing What you Do and Being who you are!!!!

My Phoenix Story (cont’d)
Even got the tattoo to prove it!!! 

With Love,

Gena Sawyer


To My Kaliente Girls:

I just recently celebrated my 56th birthday!! Wow, normally I would be pretending it wasn’t happening….. you know another year older. But, not this year. This year I want to give YOU a birthday present for my birthday: The Gift of Thanks.

When I walked through these doors almost one year ago, It was a difficult time in my life. I was beginning to realize my kids were getting older and I could actually have a life, but I didn’t. My daughter, as sweet as she is, was not being very sweet at all? I was carrying about 15 extra pounds for which I had gained from quitting smoking 3 years before, and had just change jobs where I sit all day. There’s more but I thing you get the point.

I came to my firs class in January, 2014. I made it 18 minutes and thought I was dying. I left the class, but not the gym. I sat outside at the trainers desk and watched. I knew I would be back. the reason I knew, was because I watch Jen teach. She was yelling and laughing and OMG, dancing, and I wanted to be part of that!! I did keep coming back. And each time I did I felt more alive then I had in years!!!

I introduced myself to each and everyone of your girls; star struck I guess! I was intrigued. Wanted to know how you did it. How you made exercise fun and how your classes kept me feeling good and alive every time. Well I still don’t know how you do it; just know that it works…. and it keeps on working!!!!

Carmen, Jen, Monica, Chandni – you have touched my life in ways I can only begin to put in writing –

I love you all……